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Made by myself as a lonely boy.

Twitter/Insta: @GhostMeetsCat


Cubic Mile is a wonderful new technology that will allow you to upload your consciousness to a public web stream. Every aspect of your mind, your fears, your fantasies, your imagination, will all be live-broadcasted for review and criticism by our expansive online community. Every flaw in your essence will be pointed out immediately. 

In order to make your mind-content small enough to web stream, it must first be compressed to cubic form. Your mind will become The Cubic Mile. Your consciousness will be represented as a world of cubes. You, yourself, can explore this vast cubic world in cube form.

However, as you explore your Cubic Mile, you must beware of Splinters, chunks of your soul that your conscious brain has rejected long ago. Those chunks splinter off into the darkness and over time they become resentful and hostile. Maybe if you clear out your Splinters, your public ranking will improve. Don't think too much about it. This is a good idea. You should do this. Why would we lie to you? We love you very much.

-One part arcade-style bullet hell game and one part existential crisis. Navigate a series of rooms filled with volatile enemies. Clear each room using a spin attack, which can kill enemies as well as block projectiles, however you only have three spin attacks per room.

-Each room has a unique puzzle to solve or an effective strategy to discern in order to clear all enemies efficiently. A combination of quick reaction skills and keen observation will be required to progress. You'll have numerous tools at your disposal including explosive mines and convenient teleportation devices.

-Meet some fellow cubes and unravel a unique narrative experience. Just be sure to always do what we tell you. Pain may occur if you don't do exactly what we tell you. In fact, stop reading this.

Cubic Mile was designed to be played with a controller. Preferably XB1. Keyboard controls are supported but not recommended.

don’t read this cubic mile was created anonymously by a very nice friendly technology research corporation that does not intend to sell your mind data to third parties why would we do that we don’t even get invited to that many parties maybe only one or two but not three we do not make no claim to not not harm users during the brain upload process we do not not claim to not be not responsible for any negative side effects. Join our mailing list for great coupons!

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or later, OSX High Sierra or later (Not yet tested on Big Sur)



(Catalina Users please see documentation if you're

having issues launching the game)

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorGhost Meets Cat
GenreAction, Puzzle
Tags2D, 3D, artgame, Difficult, Experimental, Narrative, Retro, Singleplayer, weird


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Cubic mile is sooo rad!  The visuals, music and vibe is so fun, cool and engaging, a perfect package.  I'm excited for more! I would highly recommend this game! ~~ 

This game is a gorgeous mix of atmosphere and interesting visual story telling. Its a very unique gaming experience with challenging gameplay mechanic. Things are drip fed to you intuitively and you can tell their is a ton of thought behind the imagery and world building. The music on top is a great rounding off to a whole, interesting and refreshing gaming experience. Definitely worth it if you want something challenging and rewarding. Love it. 

Tried using a PS4 controller, but it doesn't move up or down for some reason, just left and right.

Sorry for the trouble :( Sony's controllers don't play nicely with some Operating Systems. XB1 is preferable but here's a guide to help get drivers configured for a dual shock: https://www.pcgamer.com/how-to-use-a-ps4-controller-on-pc/


This was a tight as hell, extremely well paced package! The character movement paired really well with the puzzle mechanics, so even once the solutions become clear, there's still a lot of fun challenge involved in executing them. Visually spectacular, great music, and a few well placed secrets tucked in there for those who want to do a bit of exploring. Can't recommend enough! 

The game recommends using a controller, but it plays perfectly fine on keyboard as well. 


First of all the art is beautiful! I great blend of nostalgic feel and something fresh and new. This is a world you would want to spend time in and explore all the stories within, as well as blast your way through super addictive game play. Highly recommend!


This game is top to bottom a trip!!! The visuals are stunning, the music is awesome and the game play is fun. Dope game. Can't recommend enough. 


I really loved Cubic Mile! It's one of those games that keeps surprising you with its visual design, gameplay and narrative elements. The core gameplay is really satisfying and addictive in an arcade-y way but also enhanced by what feels like a very personal story about growing up. Also, the soundtrack is amazing!


This SuccessValidation is fantastic! There's a compelling unfolding of both the mechanisms of play and visual aesthetic, white-knuckle-precision flip-attacks, a bangin' soundtrack, and many intriguing cube entities to encounter.